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  • April 8, 2012
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This latest entry is an interesting question, and is geared more towards webmasters, business owners, and others who are looking to get professional seo services, but don’t know where to turn. In this day age, hiring an SEO Company is scary – I mean think about it, just because an SEO company can generate results today, is no guarantee that 2 weeks from now they will be able to give you the advice, and work, needed to rank you. Every month, Google is making tons of changes to it’s algorithm. With the recent disposal of huge blog networks, like BMR(Build my rank), a lot of “SEO Experts” are recovering and trying to find the next big source of credible, and authoritarian backlinks, for which to rank their clients. It almost looks like, in their attempt to provide professional SEO services, they are just trying to snatch on to any source of light possible, and looking at only the short term success of a client.

  • Here’s the problem with this, with this type of thinking, you are never going to get long-term results for your clients, and by putting all your eggs in one basket, you’re eventually going to lose everything. Seriously. All it takes is one minor/big change, and if you aren’t diversifying, you will lose it all. You might lose your rankings, and in addition get a penalty. Now what? Do you turn around and ask your client for a huge lump sump of money? More than likely, this isn’t going to work. You will most likely get fired, and the website owner will turn to another seo provider to get professional seo services you couldn’t provide.

In order to get the seo services you want, as a webmaster, and a business owner, you have to remember – you get what you pay for. Don’t short-change and go for the lowest bid when it comes to a project. The lowest bid is just that – the lowest bid, by consistently going towards the lowest bid, you might be picking the losing horse everytime. Often times, a lot of these so called “SEO SCAMS” are done by people who take advantage of human greed, and simply offer the lowest bid – with no intention of doing any work, or perhaps, extremely minimal work. By picking the lowest bid, you are taking a huge risk – because what if that bidder doesn’t deliver. Now you’re in the hole for the few months you spent working with him, in terms of time, and in terms of money, and now you have to restart your hunt for a professional seo provider. So the moral of the story – be a smart shopper, but also, be an educated shopper. Try to get the best professional seo services, but don’t short-change yourself and your website. Nothing is free in this world, and SEO isn’t vodoo – real SEO takes time, is legitimate, and requires labor and hard work. There is no magic powder.

Max Soni is the President, of BrandWithSEO. He has over 15 years of experience, marketing and advertising on behalf of businesses, and getting them from where they are -- to where they should be, by leveraging their brand effectively.


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