Google Disavowing Links Tool

03 Nov Google Disavowing Links Tool

Recently, Google unleashed its disavowment link tool. This tool is particularly helpful for getting Google to not “give you credit,” for links that you are unable to remove on your own. Normally, abandoned forums, and blogs, can have links on them pointing to your website, but cannot be removed. This is due to the fact even if you reach out to these blog owners, they simply aren’t checking/don’t honor/don’t respond to your emails.

This tool is an asset to help eliminate that void. Many are skeptical, and unsure as to how to approach this tool. It seems more information is coming out now. Yes, you can use the tool, and should, but this tool is not a substitute for a good faith effort to remove links. Google has officially confirmed this.

We recommend that you remove from the web as many spammy or low-quality links to your site as possible. This is the best approach because it addresses the problem at the root. By removing the bad links directly, you’re helping to prevent Google (and other search engines) from taking action again in the future….

If you’ve done as much as you can to remove the problematic links, and there are still some links you just can’t seem to get down, that’s a good time to visit our new Disavow links page….


It appears as if the link disavowment tool also takes into account the links that were present when manual action was invoked. If those links are not removed, then even if you disavow the links it may not help you.

If you’re been hit by manual action, then you should consider both removing and disavowing links.

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